Bringing Future Diagnostics to the Present

About iGene Laboratory

Established in 2014, iGene Laboratory is a wholly owned subsidiary of INEX. We focus on delivering the highest quality services to help women live longer, healthier lives.


Our experts hail from diverse fields including oncology, laboratory medicine, technology development and data science. The lab, while located in Singapore, serves medical professionals and patients region-wide.


The Lab will offer cutting edge tests rooted in advanced analytical platforms such as next generation sequencing, liquid biopsy, digital pathology and bioinformatics.


We work with the most advanced and innovative diagnostic partners, products and processes to efficiently garner the most precise data and analyses. In turn, patients and physicians are well equipped to make the most informed decision for better medical outcomes.

DNA Unlocked

We have entered a new era in the practice of medicine. Where previously unavailable or unaffordable, advanced genetic analyses now help physicians improve prenatal and reproductive care, intercept diseases earlier and provide advanced treatment for heritable conditions.


The way to improving human health is currently being paved by novel assays based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) and qPCR technologies. Through these methods, iGene Laboratory is able to unlock the power of the genome and understand biological systems on the deepest possible level. This also means physicians and patients can now make critical health care decisions using genomic information.


A comprehensive portfolio of clinical whole-genome sequencing tests at iGene Laboratory is available to:


  • Diagnose and conduct risk assessment for certain genetic diseases

  • Deliver comprehensive and accurate answers - in the quickest manner – to questions about genetic variations and rare diseases

  • Help physicians provide genetically informed decisions tailored for each patient