Screens for inherited genetic conditions

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Carrier screening is a genetic test to determine if a healthy person is a carrier of a genetic disorder.

People can be carriers of a mutation without realising it. Carriers may not have a family history or symptoms of a genetic disorder. Every carrier has a risk of passing on the abnormal copy of the gene to the next generation and the child of a carrier couple could be born with a genetic disorder. Carrier screening is the only way to determine carrier disorders.

CarrierGene can be offered to individuals or couples

Preconception Individual

Female or Male

Couple (Simultaneously)

Couple (Sequentially)


Individuals may be considered for carrier screening based on a family history of a genetic condition

Both partners may be screened for CarrierGene at the same time for results.

The CarrierGene test can be performed simultanerously. If the female partner is found to be a carrier, the male partner undergo the testing as well.