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Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing 

Genetic tests in general take a closer look at your DNA and all it’s components. It looks for mutations in your choromosomes, proteins, and genes. The effects of these changes may have both beneficial and harmful results. One of the things that may be discovered is an inherent cancer in your system. This is the type of cancer that you may probably have gotten from your parents or grandparents. 

Hereditary Cancer Test Panel

Pan Cancer Panel

Common/High-Risk Cancer Panel

Breast Cancer Panel

Ovarian/Uterine Cancer Panel

How To Order

  1. Complete a requisition form. Please note that this test may only be ordered by healthcare providers.

  2. Submit a specimen for testing.

  3. The sample is sequenced using the Next Generation Sequencing technology.

  4. A comprehensive results report will be sent to your requesting clinician.